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    Cool "discount" for all swellinfo members at the dealership??

    I work for a monmouth county car dealership (yes i know i know but we need money to take trips)
    I asked my boss if it was ok to give out discounts to certain groups of people I know. (bribed him by saying it would drive sales and what not) So if anyone is looking for a certified pre-owned or just an " as-is beater" for what ever reason pm me and let me know. Im looking to try to get them to sponsor a surf day for this coming spring along with fukitt clothing. If You need anyhelp with getting into a ride hit me up!!! Also.... ****ING PUMPED FOR SOME DANG ON SWELL!!!!

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    anywhere there is surf
    Do you have any older models with the fins on the rear end, it also has to have a surfer stripe on it? Oh i had too!!!

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    Do you sell bikes?

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    just show me the carfax

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    lol no bikes just cars and trucks, im trying to up movement while reaching out to people who normally dont know that we even have cars/trucks under 10k. I just took in a wrangler with decent mileage under 8k