Just curious on what you guys think about inconsistent or sudden drops in the swell. Do any of you guys have to deal with this a lot? I live on the south shore of Massachusetts where it can literally be peeling head high and glassy then within 15 minutes become shin high wind chop..this happens all the time and can be extremely dissapointing. It always seems to me that no matter how good it is in the morning it's turned into Lake Erie by the time I can get to it in the afternoon..seems like we can never have good consistent swell for even an entire day, let alone just a few days of solid ground swell. My guess is that it has a lot to so with the direction and the cape blocking everything. Does this happen to any of you guys in other spots? Seems like most of the other places I go don't have sich drasticly inconsistent drops but I know basically everybody has to deal with this. Not complainin just curious..Thanks