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    I feel you 100% my man, I got the nub to be a trailer on my 7S superfish and its the perfect fix. My board isnt squirrely like it was as a twin and not as stiff as a traditional thruster. Its the perfect medium. Not to mention its a cheap little fin. Go KELLY!
    WOW...i doubt if your riding a 7S you can feel the difference with the Knubster. Your not taking that thing out on overhead beachbreak SMH

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    Why people would think a piece of equipment is going to make them surf like kelly is beyond me. Hop off the bandwagon and hire a surf coach. Learn HOW TO SURF, and what to surf when. Kelly needs dialed in equipment because his career depends on it. The best way to put it is, for example. Olympic swimmers need every advantage at that level b/c the compition is so high. On the other hand, a high school swimmer thinking he is going to put on Phelps brand googles and swim faster is just trippin. Technique is 90% of of ripping!!!

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    Damn FUPAFEST bitter much!? You dig up a 6 month old thread to insult a persons board then proceed to insult everyone who posted in the thread! NJSHREDMACHINE can give up his crown.... we have a new douche!

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    i have one and it works,i think,but my shaper and glasser think it's too small to make a noticeable shaper thinks the same thing about those widowmaker side fins.