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    Crazy Talk?

    Get a new board, scuff sand the top and lay an extra coat of resin across the whole deck.

    I’ve been considering this as a solution to board strength issues because I‘ve put my heel through a few decks and stomp out new boards pretty quickly. Air drops out of floaters without putting 20 stress cracks across the bottom of your board should be possible too. While riding a wave I like to be in focus, not worrying if my board is going to take a sh*t.

    Obviously weight will be added but will it really affect the boards performance? It’s not like 5 lbs or something. Sh*t, my winter wetsuit gear has to weigh 25 lbs wet. I know the pop will be affected but again, will the board perform poorly as a result? I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve always done well repairing my boards, but I don’t know sh*t about shaping or building them. I know it sounds nutty messing with a brand new board but, if the strength issues are resolved and performance isn’t sacrificed, why not?
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