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    Talking Carribean of Panama

    Closest hotel to the surf in bocas del toro, panama
    locally owned locally driven
    we can take care of all your surfing (3).jpg

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    Just curious how you are "closest hotel to the surf in Bocas"? Of the breaks you named on your website, there are already hotels/places to stay right next to them. It's been over three years now, but I can't wait to get back there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bocasdeltoro View Post
    we can take care of all your surfing needs
    Excellent, prepare the Rajah Suite. I'm going to need a dedicated T3 line, heavy duty, lots and lots of bandwidth, gonna have a lot of video to upload; a Xerox photocopier, the 7500 model or above. I'm also going to need one of those big Mitsubishi’s 1080p, Diamond Series, the 80” should suffice, nothing special just need something to hook the GoPro to. A lot of power at least 440 amps running into the room, industrial air-conditioning, gets hot in Panama I hear, I think 2 Dell M820’s stripe ‘em RAID 10, redundancy is important, can’t leave anything to chance don’t want to lose any of the trip photos now. Lots of white paper, heavy bond, Bic pens, medium point blue. A box of Sticky Bumps, can never have too much wax.

    May as well get the room service cracking too. For starters, give me three shrimp cocktails, 2 dozen raw oysters, 2 whole chickens, fried and 2 slices of dry, white toast; tapas I believe you call them, gotta eat light. Also, a quart of Chivas, lots of ice, quart of mezcal, 16 grapefruit, can’t risk scurvy, quart of Maker's Mark, a quart of Bacardi gold, 2 liters of Coca-Cola, with CANE SUGAR, none of the high fructose corn syrup cr@p, kills the liver and the kidneys, 3 cases of the local cerveza, an oz. of la pura vida and whatever the town Bruha recommends for the night terrors. Send up some of the bar girls too, 2 or 3 should do, I’ll be surfing a lot and will require deep tissue massages in between sessions.

    I'll bring my own boards or just hack down a coconut tree with the Bowie, plane it down and ride that.

    You might want to warn the other guests about the night terrors.

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    what time of year does Bocas get good? Ive seen great pics but I dont know much about the consistency. And uh ^^^^ wtf hahahaha

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