I'm going to reply with some real world info. Who cares if people descend on Mavericks, chances are you not out there to enjoy it. People don't like what this movie may do to the lineup. Best way to combat that is not to see the movie and not to buy any surf related products that are advertised. The bigger the industry, the more crowded your lineup will be.
Some people are bashing east coast surfers, well I surfed the east coast for five years, it's got good waves, just not as often as California, where I live now. ( I grew up in Cali.) I tell people out here that OC, MD 48th street is like Seal Beach out here. Very steep drops, if you can make the drop in OC, you can surf Hawaii at the same size. Hatteras is good, but nothing out of the ordinary as far as gnarly. Manasquan, NJ can get very gnarly or mushy. Rockaway Beach in NYC is pretty much like Huntington Beach, CA. Same length of ride, same quality. Been to many other east coast spots. Lots of great surf, just not as often.
I do miss the empty winter waves, I liked wearing my Psycho II 6-4mm. Five guys or less out at six foot 48th St. in the winter is epic!