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    What's the best surf trip out there?

    I am trying to put together a trip this upcoming summer. Either to nicaragua or costa rica. I like nicaragua bc of the emptier lineups but I also like the sound of the Witches rock, costa rica trip. I dont need HUGE waves but just consistency. And Im trying to stay away from any sketchy ones too. And of course something inexpensive. Any suggestions?

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    Both are good options. Nicaragua is more mellow nightlife wise, whereas you could stay near a town in costa rica so you have something to do if the waves are flat. Peru is a good option too (Punta Hermosa), although it will be their winter so full suit is a must.

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    Who told you nica had empty lineups??? Thats was a looong time ago. Nica can get just as crowded even more so than many CR breaks. Just about everywhere you go now a days will be crowded especially if your not lookng for anything too sketchy I would seek out a nice beach break where its would be spread out. If you havent done much travelling I would suggest CR for you.. Get the surfguide and check out the descriptions of the breaks see what your interested in and go to CR you can travel around there very easily with a 4x4 anytime of year and explore many different spots. I have been there 8x's and have done both the exploring and staying put in one place trips so its good for both let me know if you want more info Nica is more rugged and is crowded no matter what the ads say.. No night life.. not much is chioce of food options etc.. Costa is a great place for a verity of things so I would go there first unless all you wanna do is surf and then you can goto a camp in NIca and have meals etc..

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    there are places in costa where you will be surfing so alone it's scary, and that may be 5 minutes down the road from a major surf hub like dominical... oh it just might...

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    I thought about Nica and CR, and then I thought otherwise. It's bad enough when 4 kooks rock up in their mom's SUV. Then I started thinking about 1 or 2 boats floating up with 10 guys each. I think I'd rather go somewhere else.

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    empty lineups hahah. not anywhere in central america. go to cold water youll get better waves with empty lineups and youll get epic points. costa rica is all kooks. place is packed. your better off peru.

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    You can't go wrong with CR. Aaaactually... you can. Especially at the Monkey Bar in Jaco. Go to the Monkey Bar in Jaco.

    Definitely factor in weather and road conditions between where you stay and where you roam around to surf. Some places in CR -- especially in the south -- are somewhat inaccessible during the rainy season unless you rent something other than the typical Suzuki Sidekick-like 4x4. It all depends on your comfort level, but all you need to remember is FULL INSURANCE COVERAGE, because you won't have as much fun without it unless you stick to the main roads.

    The northwest is drier than the rest of the country, but I don't know if that holds true the father north into Nica you go. It's still gonna rain but if it's your first time, Tamarindo makes a decent base camp and has services and nightlife. And there are miles and miles of surrounding beaches. Some are sketchy, desolate, or crowded, but there are always uncrowded peaks to be had if you're patient and look around.

    Don't forget to bring compostable baby wipes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlerhody View Post
    empty lineups hahah. not anywhere in central america. go to cold water youll get better waves with empty lineups and youll get epic points. costa rica is all kooks. place is packed. your better off peru.
    you have obviously never been. We are talking about hundreds of miles of coast line. It's your own fault if you don't leave the resort town.

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    just about everything about that area is sketchy. Just trying to get to a surf spot is a trek. For instance, in CR, you have to fly out on the equivalent of a twin prop winnebago to get to any of the good surf towns (or drive forever on some sketchy roads with a lot of drunk drivers)...bring a parachute, a barf bag and immodium/pepto bismol.

    Then, you have to deal with all the drunks, thieves, crack heads, drug mules and criminal fugitive ex-pats hiding out there.

    There's usually a couple of crowded spots near the towns, but places like witches rock are in the middle of nowhere...another long ass, bumpy drive or boat ride (the wave is damn prefect, least, in winter)

    Summer is the "off-season" down there. It rains torrentially almost every day and the winds are frequently wonky. You will get surf, but not the premium CR experience.
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    both are great choices for a surf trip, both. go to costa this year, then nica next year, or vice versa. ull be stoked no matter what. PM me if u want any info on Nica, i live there most of the year. i am heading back down in a few weeks. have fun.

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