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    If it's bombing they're gonna have to get a boat out there, handcuff me and drag me away from the peak...

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    If a beach is non life guarded get salty People, ya think a cop or ranger rick is gonna wait on shore for ya? And if so jus drift away lol. Or go with the antelope mind set "safety in numbers" chances of you getting a ticket will be higher if your the first one out of the water

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    plain and simple, anyone who paddles out in this mess before Thursday has no regard for his life. Say hi to John Gotti when you get to bottom of the ocean for me.

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    Tomorrow morning to mid-afternoon looks best for western NY. Not seeing the predicted swell energy on the buoys yet, but the winds cooperate on multiple forecast models until early to mid-afternoon. After that I'm not sure we'll have favorable winds until next Friday at the earliest. Still a long way away, but this storm's wind-field will be so big that unfavorable winds will persist most of the week, and it doesn't really matter where this thing comes ashore.

    If no signs are posted at the beach and no cops are present to tell you otherwise, get wet while it lasts. Can't imagine what swell is going to be left when the winds switch to NW on Friday. With spring tides in 2 days and the storm so close there's bound to be some serious near-shore currents during all this.

    Don't really care to read about an arrest or drowning during this storm because they'll be plenty more good swell this winter. Don't paddle into something you can't paddle out of.

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    so five surfers out in cleanish shoulder high waves this morning were greeted by 4 firetrucks, 2 ambulances, at least 5 cop cars, a couple of suv's, a helicopter and a police boat sent into the impact zone to get us out. once we got out, no tickets or arrests but we couldn't go back out. biggest waste of resources i have ever seen!

    this is no exaggeration, all this crap was called out for 5 surfers. just unreal..

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    How long were you able to surf before you were "rescued" ? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRO View Post
    How long were you able to surf before you were "rescued" ? lol
    there was no around when we got there but the police and fire fighters and emt's and helicopters kept showing up until it was a full on scene. everyone was cool, just following orders. a lot of the firefighters are surfers and were laughing about it all. i got snagged early while running down to paddle back out (i knew my lazy paddle habits would bite me one day!). my buddies stayed out about 2 hours.

    when the police boat showed up with the lights on struggling to plow through the outside swells, i told the lieutenant in charge that they were insane and it was going to capsize if it came any closer and then there would be a real emergency. it really was surreal!
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    He's the mayor, not the governor.

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    He said please so that is a request...........not a command. Besides that.........I'll take an arrest or ticket if told I can't surf just for GP!

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    Was anyone really planning on paddling out with 20 mph northeast wind this afternoon? You'd have to have a deathwish and a love of ****ty, unpredictable overhead surf. Did anyone do this?
    Seriously guys use your heads

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