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    Quote Originally Posted by oteezy View Post
    I know right? Then he talks about how he really is humble. Yeah, news flash: humble people don't have to tell others that they are humble.

    And he also admitted to stereotyping. Yeah, every surfer from CA definitely wears tight jeans and listens to Skrillex.

    Showing some true class there, bud.
    I do not know Colin personally but have surfed and talked with him on multiple occasions. Unlike some of the other good surfers in the area Colin really is very modest and one of the nicest surfers out. He is the only one who goes out of his way to be friendly with other surfers out. Also when I see him out he is paddling into anywhere from 2ft waves to well overhead waves. Seen him ride out of barrells and stick some pretty sick airs. I have also seen him skim and bodyboard, he can do it all and is way better than almost everybody at it. I'm pretty sure oteezy is just a troll trying to get a rise out of people, but if not, you should really not talk about something or someone you do not know anything about you really look dumb. Don't be jealous that you do not have the skill or equipment they have to have fun and do what they do. Just worry about your own life and have fun with it instead of being envious of someone elses.

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    Mega!!! Going National, so crazy.

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    One difference would be 40+ mph winds. . .
    Quote Originally Posted by kidrock View Post
    there's usually a ton of water moving around during a 4' swell in this area, it had to be like a freaking washing machine during this swell. Def not for paddling. Ten foot Blacks and 10' OCMD are 2 different animals. Not saying one is hairier than the other, just different. Good on ya, Colin. Huge balls.

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    Who cares what oteezy thinks, he wasn't there he is just coaching from the bench.

    Colin, Raven & Todd know what went down yesterday & were pumped on a unforgettable session. I am sure the food, beer & evening was all the better after the experience shared yesterday. I am stoked for them, those guy's enjoy what they are doing & are there for community benefits or just having a good time with locals while traveling.
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    I think the SI Mod sent oteezy on her way... finally.

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    Wow!!! Osteezy, you are some kind of jerk off. These dudes would surf rings around you in any size surf. Like Raven said, he was having fun with his friends. Why would you have a problem with that? It's not like they step off and then can't surf. They obviously rip. and step offs are fun as hell. As long as its not in a croud
    You sir, are an asshole

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    I don't know Colin or Raven personally either, but I've been in the lineup with them a few times and they've always seemed like pretty down to Earth guys. Last fall, I was out in OCMD when they were practicing step offs and Raven was cool enough to let me have a try... ate it, but I was really impressed by that. Not many people surfing at that level in this area are cool enough to take time with the average guy in the lineup.

    Also, hats off to you guys... that looks like an amazing experience. Wish I'd been there!

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    oteezy, your a ****. That is all.

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    I dont care what anyone says...nobody should criticize these guys...true or not...I wish I could get out in that...but I am landlocked for a while now...have whatever it takes to get into them

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    Quote Originally Posted by oteezy View Post
    the wild lyfe crew? oh you mean the guys who tow into head high waves?

    i.e. douchebags
    wildlyfe crew is BADASS and they rip