Sandy has rekindled an ongoing debate in my house with Mrs. Hanna about when to evacuate in a severe weather situation. we're on a barrier island in NC; for us, it's a theoretical question at the moment....but the situation has come up before and will come again just as surely as it has come for Jersey.

i talked to several buddies trapped in AC today and they confirmed what i have always argued: far better to be trapped at your house after the event rather than go crazy offshore for days, unable to get back onto your island, with no idea when and what you will return to. my friends are already cleaning up, drying out etc...and while they will be without power for the foreseeable future, they are more than glad to tough it out as needed.

of course, all of this is predicated on the size of the event, but assuming it's under Cat 3, would you stay or go? and for those who are living it right now (and our best thoughts and wishes are with you), did you make the right decision?