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c'mon, you surf, right? you're already a risk-taker - it's just a question of degree

life as an evacuee is no picnic, either: where do you spend the next week or two? friends? relatives? that gets old quick...or the expense of a motel...or, god forbid, a shelter?

the inconveniences are relative: the aftermath is gonna suck no matter what, so where would you rather be?
No, it's no picnic. Our friends and relatives are happy to have us stay, but we all know that gets old pretty quick.

Leaving was no easy decision, at least not for me. I'm able-bodied, and since I surf I'm obviously not risk-averse. But for me one of the biggest issues was being able to work. My wife and I both work out of home offices - if we were still on the island we'd have no power, no internet, no way to earn. Seems like the wrong time to be without income for a week or two.