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    ight thanks man i just cant wait got 5 days and no wet suits!!!!!!

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    Avellanas, Marbella are both super fun. Marbella is tough to get to w/o a boat but it's really worth it. My friend just surfed 4 Ft overhead at Ollies lasst week.

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    wow thats rather huge and i think we might head to witchs rock

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    costa rica

    hey lost
    going to costa rica myself on saturday. We will be in nosara/guiones for 5 days starting on monday. small world--hope to see you there!!

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    If you're staying in Tamarindo then go to Grande or Casitas. Both breaks are across the estuary. Casitas is directly across the estuary and grande is about 1.5-2 miles down the beach. Definitely take food and water if you make the walk to grande - it gets HOT.

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    Costa Rica

    If you do go to Witches and Ollie's, it will not hurt to bring a 1-2 mil top. Went in November 07 and the offshore 20+ mph wind and cold water upwellings made it a bit chilly.... Also, bring an additional copy of your passport for the boat trip....

    Last note, when you land in CR, go pay your exit taxes (i think its $18) asap. You can pay them at any bank in CR or at the airport..... Nothing sucks worse than missing a flight because your stuck in the exit tax line on your last day!!

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    Costa Rica

    Leaving for CR tomorrow
    Will be in the waves Monday afternoon in Nosara

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    ugh can wait. but i leave 12 30 tonight for philly than have to be there at 3 and the flight leaves at 6

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