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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    What I don't understand is VB juveniles posing as surf travel experts. As is the case here.

    Poseur, you are called.

    Any of this 'information' that you posted is available from any travel site or from many previous posters on swellinfo forums.'re a young guy, full of piss & vinegar, Sandbridge is your world where your da-da taught you to surf. It's a small world & you demonstrate that with your vitriolic (look it up) defense of WRV's (lack of) client service.

    You get off on posting your opinions that specifically attack on other posters. Because you are....see the above.

    Now, some may rush to your defense, whatever.
    Some may say that you're trying to provide helpful travel info, whatever.

    But you & I both know that you just don't get outta town that often.
    You're an authority on very little; perhaps the beer selection at the 7-11 on 40th Street?

    You 'shred' Sandbridge, in your own opinion; yet others have seen you surf & have called you out on your arrogance.

    And that's the thing that I have a problem with: your arrogance.

    You're the guy that shiiiites on others for no reason other than self-gratification.
    You're the guy that has the gear & flaunts it with the sense that gear makes you somebody.
    You're the guy that snakes anyone & everyone & then bellows about being a local.
    You're the guy who lives for this forum & can not handle it when you get criticized for your attitude.

    You're a little boy who has yet to grow up and you're an engineer by training & expense.
    Go build something; instead of tearing down.
    Ouch, tell him how you really feel!

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    I agree with a lot of what you write on here and the same with Lee. Why don't you guys agree to meet somewhere and settle your differences LIKE MEN instead of sniping on here?

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    yankee just keeps saying the same **** and I'm actually starting to find it hilarious

    eat a 8===> Geezer

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    Girl fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There's a lot more out there than PR, not that PR isn't awesome.... I've been all over Central America and never got sick. Neither di any of my friends. (aside fro mthe occasional Montezumas Revenge)

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    Quote Originally Posted by im way better than you View Post
    Just got back from NICA. The Malaria Pills are the worst. Nightmares, headaches, blurred vision. If you skip anything that would be my choice, but then again Malaria might be worse.
    Malaria risk is very low in need to take preventative pills unless you are in a higher risk country.
    Even then, most people don't take them. They just use netting and bug spray.

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    I have always brought an otic antibacterial solution when I travel to Central America.I am prone to ear infections and learned the hard way to bring the necessary medications. Be sure to add hydrogen peroxide into your first aid kit. There are some nasty bacteria down there which you should be cautious about.

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    I worked in Nica back in 1990 as a photojournalist, was all over the country covering the elections and I never got sick. If there is one thing the Sandinistas did that was good, was make the water system clean. I drank shower water, never got sick. Never got sick in Panama either. Check with our government or see a travel doctor about what shots/drugs you need. Don't take the advice here as the last word. Some malaria drugs will have side effects, not all. You take a different one depending on which region of the world you go to. Not all malaria is the same, just like not all cancer is the same. I have taken several types including the once a week pill, never had a side effect. It's different for people. You can test the drug first at home because you have to start taking it I think six weeks before you go and two weeks after you come back. My advice is see a travel doctor.

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    Just picked this up last week. Very informative.

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    Damm Lee, guess you wont be getting a Christmas card from that yankee guy.