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    December Trip

    Ok so Im trying to escape the east coast winter for a week or two during december, I was going to puerto rico with a few friends but they all just backed out so now im going it alone wherever i go... Puerto Rico is not off the table but from what I understand you need a rental car there and im only 20, looking around most places you have to be atleast 21 and even then there is a surcharge for being under 25... any one know any places that dont care about age or any ways around it? Option 2 is head out to SF/Santa Cruz which looks promiseing and greatest chance of consistant waves but i have yet to find a cheep place to stay and would be relying on bus to get around which doesnt sound like fun with luggage+board. Option 3 San Diego i found a cheep hostel near Ocean Beach but It seems like Sd is more sheltered from North swells except blacks, but blacks would be a hour and a half (By bus/or bike). So anyway any info on these places would be great, as well as other suggestions for places, my buget is about 1500. Thanks

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    If you end up going to Puerto Rico, try Charlie Car Rental. A buddy and I had luck renting a car there when we were both under 21. They did gouge us on the price, but it was well worth being able to check out everything PR has to offer.

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    December trip, I recommend going to Hawaii. That being said, there are plenty of breaks in San Diego that pick up swell from any direction except the East for some reason. I don’t recommend staying in OB unless you have lots of spare change and don’t mind stepping in feces, canine and hominid. There’s this place, right on the beach in PB at the Reed Street break Youth Hostel. 35$ a night and decent spot to wake up to, plus a great place to watch the sunset. 2-300 yards up the beach is Crystal Pier another mile or so is Tourmaline. For breakfast and lunch hit up Kono’s where you can get eat a huge meal for around 5$. There’s also a Von’s (grocery store) two blocks away and more surf & skate shops than you would ever need. You hop on the North 101 Bus on Mission Blvd. and 20 -30 minutes later it will drop you off on Torey Pines Road right at Torrey Pines Glider Port a.k.a. as Black’s, as well as all the other great spots between (PB Point, Bird Rock, Wind & Sea, Scripps, etc). You can take a short board on the bus too. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the South 101 Bus to the Old Town transit station (10-15 minutes) and hop on the Coaster (commuter train), which 45 minutes later will drop you off a few blocks from the Oceanside Pier. OSide definitely gets NSwell. Train stops in Cardiff, Encinitas and Carlsbad too. It cost 2.25$ 1 way back when I used to ride it, probably costs more these days. You can take a short board on it no problem. San Diego is a pretty surf-friendly burg. December air and water temps are usually in the mid 50’s, sometimes a little warmer. Good travels man.