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    Billabong Search + Win

    <br /><br /><br />Hey this is pretty cool. I dont know if you have used it yet but You basically use it as google ( search engine) and you get reward points and win wetsuits, board short and stuff like that.vjust click on the picture to sign up. I've been using it and have won some stuff.

    I'll probably get a bunch of crap from you guys for this post but try it out.

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    That's cool I'll check it out when I get back on my pc. Thanks. How long have you been using it?

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    Around a year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zman9398 View Post
    Around a year
    I just signed up. this actually seems pretty sweet. thanks zman!

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    No problem

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    Check out this engine little dude http://ecosia.org/. Here's what they're about:
    Ecosia is a social business dedicated to environmental sustainability via the donation of revenue to the world’s most effective rainforest protection programs.
    Our best-known service, the search engine mask at Ecosia.org, is powered by Bing and Yahoo. It lets an essential and routine task – searching the web – double as an ecological contribution: not only are Ecosia search emissions offset, but every click on a sponsored ad within Ecosia translates into either cents for the environment - or cents for generating more cents for the environment.
    Cents may not sound like much, but they certainly add up. From its inception until December 2010, Ecosia was able to generate just under 125,000 Euros (164,000 USD) for its rainforest protection program with the WWF – and that in just the first year!

    I use those guys the most.