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    my baby has been keyed up in my driveway

    I know this is unrelated to surfing but my car was recently keyed in my driveway and knowing you guys are fellow surfers and spongers we think alike. What would you guys do? They wrote ***** in huge letters and scribbled under it on left passanger door and **** u on the rear left pannel. Im am ****in furious This also happened to only six other students i friends with in my school. BTW im not askin for ranting and complaing this isnt surf related im askin for advice.

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    ^it was pissy but replace the I with a U...You get the idea of what it says..

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    That really stinks.... on of my trucks got keyed- but it was just a line, not words... i was fairly upset specially since I thought i knew who did it. After thinking and praying a while, i figured that revenge was not the best way to fix the situation. Instead I chose to care for them and be friendly- not letting them get the 'best' of me... its really just not worth it.... just let it go- catch the next wave...

    Then i buffed the key mark out with this:

    it worked great- you can get it at west marine too. But you also may need a buffer- since doing it by hand will probably wear out your arm.
    I got this: http://www.harborfreight.com/7-inch-...der-92623.html
    you can also use these materials for ding repair- buff magic will make the fiberglass smooth and shiny after repair and you can use the buffer as a sander too...

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    they are weak because they cant even call you a p_ssy to your face
    Dont retaliate, youll regret it! Call them out if you know who they are. They know they are the real p_ssy deep down writing that behind your back.