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    Great book. I used that last time I was there. Right now I am looking for more first hand experience.

    Here is the deal. I am planning a family vacation where I get to surf a little, not a surf trip that I drag my family on. But I don't want to be completely skunked, sitting on the beach all day sweating balls because the surf is flat. That said, the bro brahs all say - shoots brag, no surf on the pac coast then, ya gotta hit up brava, dude. The tour guides all say - shoots brah, there is always surf in Costa, dude. I'm just trying to get an idea if it is likely I will have stomach/chest high surf most days. More than that would be great. Less than that would be tough.

    Anyone here spend any time in Negra in February?

  2. yeah Otti, if you're wanting fun rideable waves that time of year, you're almost guaranteed to be surfing stomach/chest every day. especially on that stretch of the peninsula, from Mal Pais all the way north to the border... you'll be good to go. the family may like some of the amenities in and around Tamarindo, but do yourself and your surfing a favor and at the very least go to Negra (you can see it from the beach in Tamarindo). if the kids and wife want to try surfing, then by all means, get your Tamarindo on... other than that, go find surf elsewhere.

    there will be something on tap for you to ride almost every day, to be sure. if you're there for 7 days, probably 5 of them should be pretty fun for surf (averages). best wishes man!

  3. and hey, let me throw this in there too... there's also a realistic chance that it could be pretty big up that way too. hell yeah, no joke. you could easily be showing up during a macking swell. so while stomach to chest is almost a guarantee, and fairly realistic, it could also be realistic that it's in the few feet overhead range+ for the whole time too. i envy you, go have fun!

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    When I stay in Tamarindo I usually head south to Playa Avellanes or further south to Playa Negra. Cabinas Las Olas requires a 300 yd walk across an estuary, but there's security and the food is good.
    Quote Originally Posted by headrow View Post
    Hey Everyone-
    My wife and I will be going to CR for the first time and I was hoping to get some info/advice. I surf, my wife does not. I'm looking for lodging with a pool that's on the beach and has a decent break out in front. I'm thinking of the Tamarindo area. We want to be around good food but don't need the 'night life'. We're looking to book end of Jan/early feb. Having a surf guide would be great since I want to have the option take day trips to the best spots, if that type of thing is available. Also need stuff for my wife to do - yoga, ziplines, rainforest tours...that type stuff. My wife needs to feel safe on the beach while I'm out surfing. Does anyone know if a place like this exists? Well only be spending about a week or so down there.


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    Basic weather and swellology 101. Look at a map of Costa Rica. If the spot area faces south and you are going in the winter you probably will get skunked. Likewise, going to a north facing beach during the summer. You might just want to visit Tamarindo which has a huge bay and picks up swells from both directions... Playa Grande, Tamarindo and Old Mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna Kai View Post
    Jaco is sketch. I wouldn't bother with that place. So many other areas to go that are much nicer. Playa Hermosa is pretty cool though.

    Is Jaco really that sketchy? I went there with a groupon without really researching much and didn't think it was that bad at all. Didn't stay right in town but walked around town all day without any problems. First and only time in another country so I didn't know what to expect.

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    ive been to cr twice from playa grande to mal pais, i surfed and stayed. also got to surf some point breaks inside the nicoya peninsula on some huge south swells. but i never been to jaco i dont like to talk bad about somewhere ive never been but it seems that place is highlight for drugs and hoes. i also dont suggest tamarindo imo. id go way futher south to get a real cr experience. hours of dirt roads through the rainforest in mountains,army ants in your hotel room,no electricity, boiling water its all fun believe it or not.

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    Playa Negra for sure. Check out Casa de Amigos for your rental. Perfect mix for you and your wife. A google search will bring it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fourstarrr04 View Post
    Is Jaco really that sketchy? I went there with a groupon without really researching much and didn't think it was that bad at all. Didn't stay right in town but walked around town all day without any problems. First and only time in another country so I didn't know what to expect.
    when I used to go I'd always start in playa hermosa jaco. I've been stolen from twice. the last time my trunks taken from 2cnd floor of terrazas. I love that area. Santa Terresa is way better.

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    This is the exact advice I was going to give.

    Quote Originally Posted by chad05gt View Post
    Keep in mind that Jan is HOT... the sand will be nearly unwalkable noon till 3ish.

    Ive been to Tamarindo twice this year; zero problems what so ever, great people, great food... all around good vibe.

    Stayed at WRSC, a safe secure home base and can go on different breaks with intermediate or advance groups with guides/instructors; Avellanes, Playa Negra, Little Hawaii, and 50$ or less to go to Witchs Rock or Ollies if its breaking good.

    Have a great time!

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