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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBarrels View Post
    This is not about becoming a professional surfer or anything in that sorts, but I have been busting my a** trying to find a job that has something to do with the action sports industry. I have a degree in Marketing, with a specialization in Management. I know most people will say never mix your passion with work, but I feel like this is the only way to keep me motivated and focused. Obviously myself I would love to do something involved with surfing, but at this point I do not have a preference (surfing, skating, snow, biking etc.). I will do anything just get a foot in the door. Malakye.com is an excellent job search engine for the action sports industry, but I feel as if every job is in California, and they won't even acknowledge the fact I live all the way in Jersey. In my cover letters and resume, I state that I'am or have relocated, just so they would hopefully glance at my resume (I HAVE NO PROBLEM IN RE-LOCATING, ANYWHERE).

    I guess my question to you guys is are there any tools I can use to maximize my search? Is it really all about who you know? I have a feeling moving out to Cali, the "mecca" of surfing and action sports industry may help, but then what? I have minimal amounts of money. I have tried attending the huge trade shows in NYC, and CO, but you need to represent a company, which I dont. I would appreciate it if you guys had any information, or know of anyone that I can get in touch with, that may be able to help. I'm just a young surfer trying to live out his dream, and launch his career! Any info would be much Appreciated!


    You should just take the plunge for 6-12 months and move out to Southern California. Avoid looking for work in the City of LA and the “city” of San Diego. Most action sports companies operate out of North County SD County and Orange County… I lived and worked down in the city of SD for 7-8 years and surfed everyday with local pro-ams and a bunch of local shop owners etc… Didn’t meet many big whig action sports execs, But when I started working up in the Del Mar/Carlsbad area, I sh** you not, I met like half of the surf industry within a few months. The guys that own Nixon, the upper management for Sanuk, the Quiksilver reps, the account execs for Dragon optics, Hurley, Sector 9… I mean, the list goes on. And while I started getting a lot of cool free stuff, I had no interest in getting into the action sports business, as I am happy in my current industry that allows me to get in the water enough and I love the work.
    Point being, those big marketing/job websites have some decent gigs on them, but you won’t here about most word of mouth kind of things without being there. Most people I know that surf a ton and are really into action sports don’t work in the market. There are plenty of high paying jobs out in SoCal and most of the action sports industry people that are out there have family roots out there and make great money doing other things.
    So, my honest advice is do something to make good money and that will allow you to surf when you want, and trust me you will be happy… But if you want into the action sports market, you will have a tough time not being in southern California… Things come along every now and again elsewhere, but few and far between…. If you want in that business, you gotta go where the money is…. And just start meeting people. Simple as that…. Having a beer with the right guy or actually meeting people out in the water at a good spot on a good day opened more doors in the surf industry for me more than any email or website could…. One more reminder/word of advice. Southern California’s don’t like transplants, so leave that out of your hello speech =)
    just my 2 cents.