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Motivation in SD where this thread began was easy. Wake up surf. Sleep, repeat.

Now that I am in the SE, motivation is equally as easy, when there is surf anyway. I have been making the best of each waist high slop day that I can muster and taking advantage of the few chest-head high days each month. Not much to it. Most days when I am itching to surf, there are no waves, but even when the forecast calls for high winds and crap surf, I am usually pleasantly surprised.

As long as there are waves, no motivation is required....

If the intention of this thread was out west where I believe it was, there is a whole different ball game in play. I had friends of all skill levels that I would surf with from Pros to weekend warriors. Hardest thing to find is a few guys that were ready to go no matter what conditions, every day, all year... Most pros that I know have excuses as to why its "just not good enough" and then the weekend warriors have harder times deciding if there are going to go golfing and not surf... Or start raging at 10am on a Sunday for football.... Motivation is harder to come by when you have waves to choose from every day... There are 10 million other things in life that can get in the way of that.... But when waves are few and far between, if you feel like you need motivation, you probably in fact just need a new hobby....
What's up Zach!?

In the abundance of water a fool is thirsty.
"How can you live in California and not surf?", I ask. In my mind, it's the only reason to live out here. The state is falling apart, the cost of goods, services, housing, fuel & energy are insane. But, there are the waves. I love em. Can't get enough. I always see the same guys when I'm out, so there's plenty of motivated surfers out here.

The weather's nice too.