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    i surf and skate regular but i push mongo skateboarding. i learned to snowboard goofy and tried snowboarding regular which i can do but am more comfortable riding goofy snowboarding. when i surf my backside is on point but when i try to throw a frontside hack i just cant seem to get it. therefore i just try to find barrels frontside whenever i can and just hack it backside. cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranded in Smithfield View Post
    surf goofy...skate regular...actually used to surf regular as well till I was 18 or 19 and had some major ear surgery and balance issues...switched to goofy because it felt more normal on the 1st street rights in rode in High school and college
    That's pretty wild, not sure I've ever met anyone who skated (goofy/reg) and surfed the opposite.

    I have seen some amazing footage of Jamie O'Brien surfing switch at Pipe. I can ride switch on a longboard, but only after popping up (goofy). A good friend of mine likes to snowboard switch-stance, just for a new feeling or whatever, though she also used to base-jump, so she's a little fringey (in a hardcore kinda way). Personally, I haven't progressed sufficiently in surfing that I need a new challenge. :P