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    It rained crazy today. Didn't even go look at the water. Flooding all over.

    I bet it was Degenerate Art. Good flick. There's one scene where a big guy named Ezra is talking about the Corvalis crew (someday they'll call it a school, like the Hudson Valley School and what not, which is funny cause those guys were pretty far off the deep end in those days). He mentions Jason Lee and Marcel and a guy named Dawson. Chris Dawson taught me to blow borosilicate. Those guys invented inside-out glass. I also know that guy Salt from Austin. I traded him a piece I made for one of his. He does the best damn eyes I've seen. He used to work at this shop right South of the river. I've met a couple of those guys over the years. Crazy to see them all up on the TV.
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    Dude, just stop surfing the same point and find some other spots, seems like you're not having any fun.
    Always have a great time. LOVE to have things even better. not for anything, over run with young kooks. learn some respect.

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    Agree w/ ya 100%.