My Father In Law still eats the Pismo clams down there! He’s got some plywood squares with 3” sheet metal screws drilled through ‘em that he glued to an old pair of Chucks. He stomps around after surfing looking for ‘em. Brings a couple home and either fries them up or makes ceviche. Then he gets all bent out of shape that no one else will eat any. “I’ve been eating them my whole life. Never did me any harm.” They’re bi-valves from the TJ River! Dinner at the in-laws can be a gamble sometimes.[/QUOTE]

Ha ha. I visited my in-laws in France two Christmas' ago and my father-in-law served up some oysters on the halfshell that he dug up himself. Too bad my wife and I didn't know that the whole region knew not to eat the oysters because of contamination. Sickest I've ever been - hands down. Shtting the bed type sick. Probably should have been hospitalized. My stomach took 8 months to get back to normal. Father-in-law was immune to it, from eating them his whole life. I still refuse to eat anything he's been associated with.