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  • Glassy and small

    24 51.06%
  • (little) windy and big

    16 34.04%
  • I don't care

    7 14.89%
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    Lightbulb Glassy and small or windy and big?

    I was always wondering how other people think about this, but last time I was out this week I decided to make a poll here in the forum because I am really curios. I guess it depends on different preferences but for example, small waves don't really please me at all, and I prefer to take one big wave than 10 small ones. Most of the time in my area (North of Puerto Rico) it is rather windy while in the west (Rincon) the east wind (90% of the year) is perfect, but I personally prefer surfing bigger waves even if its a little windy (not extremely choppy) but bigger waves for bigger drops and some adrenaline or at least some butterflies in the stomach before going out in the water than small and perfect waves.

    I guess big and glassy waves would be the best but it can't be like that every day so what would you prefer? Glassy and small or windy and big?

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    I'll take whatever I can get, when I can get it. I'm not too picky as long as it's rideable

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    Glassy and smaller in the winter can't deal with crappy conditions when the water is cold. If I'm in PR a little wind on head high + surf hitting the reefs of the north coast are just fine. But in Jersey we have no reefs !! A bit of wind in the summer up here is fine when water is in the 70's.

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    I picked a little windy and big because when I see this I start thinking about 6-8' Soup Bowl with a good SE swell and 8-10 knot trades.

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    Not ashamed to take glassy and small.

    If I had 100 sessions a year, I'd be happy with 80 glassy and small and 20 windy and big.

    Glassy and small being chest high and below

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    I only go out if it's like DOH and glassy

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    windy and big

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    I'll take the glass over the mess anyday. I don't necessarily mind choppy waves, I just hate strong currents.

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    Like the Mrs. says, "I like it big." I'm not picky, I'll take whatever I can get; but if it's bangin' I'm there. Takes some real nasty weather to keep me out.

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    To me, fun is fun... As long as I have the right board for the day, and there's a rideable wave, I'm having fun. It's having the wrong board that makes any day frustrating for me... Good waves and the wrong board makes me think... "aw... I could have done a (whatever) if I had my other board." Or... "I could have made that section with my (whatever)."
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