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    Yeah, I agree, we get bullied by the government, and I don't like that. I need to find a way to solve that problem, I just hope that I don't have to use violence, that's all, and you're right, I can't express my inner feelings about it in English sometimes - it's not that I don't grasp English, I just don't want to change the subject of the Marine down in Mexico, our thread's main issue. My excuse is that I'm not facing these issues enough head-on - I'm just talking about them (for the very first time in my life). So that Marine and George Zimmerman, and the other guy in Florida, and the guy in Manhattan, and now the guy on the tracks, these are all the straw that broke the camel's back - I want to deal with bullying from this day on. I was also bullied years ago by a college professor - he threatened me with racketeering against my destiny - that he would ruin my destiny by soliciting funds from wealthy people, and using them to put me out of jobs (I couldn't believe that something like that would happen at an Ivy-league quality school). The problem is that I was too busy to deal with him so I told him that I would box him in a ring (and give him 12 oz. gloves to my 16 oz. since I'm so much stronger than he is - I tried to be fair with him since I am way too strong for him). I still don't know what to do since I am the one who would win in a fight but I don't want to resort to violence - he's a really stupid guy from a dunce family. But sometimes we have to make a choice between losing, or else fighting to win. But there are things we can do (perhaps go to court) that aren't as illegal. The problem is that I hate having to go to court. But the truth is - that's the path I have to take now. It's that or I'll get caught breaking the law to solve the problem. Busy people don't want this crap in their lives - but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do, and if you sue someone, you should hopefully get money for your troubles. I shouldn't be SO overly cynical about our government. I should try it sometimes. So now I'll let you guys get back to the marine since that's what I was supposed to discuss in this thread. I honestly don't know what to say about him other than what I've already said, "It's not that wrong to take a gun on a road-trip down south". I wouldn't do it myself, it's just not my style of dealing with issues, nor would I crucify someone else for doing it. On the other hand, Mexico may feel a responsibility to it's citizens - hence the arrest. I don't know enough about laws of guns and whether or not it was concealed. But the law is often too harsh so I worry about that marine and how they will treat him (witness brewengineer's comments which are true, although I don't want him to condemn all Mexicans, most Mexicans are perfectly good people). I mentioned Midnight Express out of fear for that Marine - it could get nasty. The law is rarely kind enough.
    I don't know why some people like guns more than others - I've been either mugged or had attempted muggings both in the US and in other countries. But not one time was it anything real significant. I either chased someone away or in one case, the guys were twice my size and number so I gave them my golf clubs. It wasn't that big a deal to be threatened by a switch-blade and hit by a tire-iron. I was only 10 years old and they were 15. But I'm still here to enjoy life because I cooperated. If I had had a gun, they would be dead, but I don't think golf clubs are enough to kill someone over, so I lost a few dollars. In a subway in France I just swung at the guy and he took off. I also had a (slightly nuts) guy threaten me with a baseball bat but I did the right thing - I said go ahead, I'm waiting, and he chickened out. I laughed so f---ing hard at the guy - I'm still laughing. A baseball bat isn't something to worry about. A billy club IS something to worry about - they're heavier. All right, you guys win the argument. Guys like me, who had a lot of fistfights as a teenager, we're sometimes sick of the violence, that's all. I had friends who were almost blinded or maimed in fights. I just want less of it. But I see all your points - that there are some real threats to our safety - so do what you think you have to do - you were born on this earth, and you didn't ask for a complex set of rules that might hinder your ability to protect yourself. If that's the case, then the law should let people make their own decisions, using their own instincts. The law shouldn't ruin your instincts. In my case, I'm just not at all a worry-wart that someone wants to rob me at gunpoint. I just hope that you use discretion in your support of firearms and I hope that we put some time into finding peace amongst our disparate groups of people with our differing philosophies and behaviors. Perhaps we need to find ways to bring joy to the poverty-stricken. We need to go an extra mile each day to help the poor. I'm not poor and I get up at dawn without fail and I pitch in to help the needy every day. Some poor people are lost and they need help from someone smarter. But those who steal need to be punished so punish them if you want to do that. And if the guy on the tracks in Manhattan, had had a gun, he might be alive today. Enjoy!

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    Thank you for the information, particularly the statement by the US State Department under "Taking firearms into Mexico" - I had not known that a permit was required. And it's true - people get "bled" out of money by the law. But I think it's possible that a border worker might unintentionally say that it's ok to take a gun down there. They might not mention the permit - maybe that's where the confusion happened - I don't know.
    I hope they release the marine right away as he may not have known the law. If I were a gun-owner, I wouldn't have known nor worried about it. Let's hope for his release.

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    Anobody know who this guy's local congressman is? Betty maybe? Is there a petition to send his legislators demanding the state department take immediate action?

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    can we keep the comments short please

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Anobody know who this guy's local congressman is? Betty maybe? Is there a petition to send his legislators demanding the state department take immediate action?
    U.S. senator Bill Nelson. Florida, who has plenty of seniority as he has been in Congress forever. Here is a link I found for a petition
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    yep. contact those legislators.

    PS--I sleep VERY soundly at night know this is beside my bed (new xmas present)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ukelelesurf View Post
    Lots of shift talking going on here both ways. Here is my take.

    The dude should obviously be a priority for the us gov. Make no mistake about it, our soldiers along with police, fire man, teachers, etc are our real modern day heroes. It's a shame that more is not being done to free this young man.

    As far as going to Mexico and needing a gun, that IMO is not a good decision. Nothing good can come out of it. So you get pulled over by pinche ladrones and you are gonna have an ok corral moment? Three things will happen. 1) most likely you end up getting shot. 2 you both shoot each other. 3 you shoot the guy......and then what happens? You go to jail or get shot by the notoriously corrupt Mexican police. All for what? tosave aa few hundred dollars and not lose face?Lose
    Lose lose. T He real response to getting robbed in Mexico is to give them whatever they want and move on.....and keep your life.
    There are clearly a lot of responses on here from people who have never really traveled in Mexico....and I don't mean the Mayan riviera. Yes, the border is extremely sketchy at the moment but the truth of the matter is the majority of Mexico is very safe....stay out of the five or six major cartel hot spots dont buy drugs and only travel during daylight and you will be fine. How do I know this? I have traveled all over Mexico ...almost every state. Just spent 6weekos there this summer...traveling by local bus the entire wAy. In fact, when you consider the insane amount of armed murder going on in cities like Chicago, l a etc, you realize mex is not any less safe than many parts of the states.
    To the people calling the entire country a s hole and berating the Mexican people, well frankly there is no time for that racist bs on this forum. You are ignorant and sound quite short sighted. And cool, please bypass mex nick etc and go to your surf camp in Costa Rica. We don't need you in the waves's amazing how many people are afraid to sac up and have a real adventure
    Finally, to the guy that is afraid to go anywhere without a my friend, need to consider getting some help.
    Well said.

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    Sorry, I'm the biggest offender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petesmith View Post
    can we keep the comments short please
    My bad on the rambles.