zaGaffer : I dusted of the Lightning Bolt and took a few more pics. It's a 7'6". Looks like 1299 penciled into the balsa rib about 5 inches behind the signature. The # is upside down from the signature. Otherwise the # looks like GG21. Gerry's signature sure looks legit. You can even see the different pressures the sharpy marker left at the beginning and end of the letter strokes. I'm no expert ... probably watch too much Dexter. Just seems like all the circumstances point to it being legit. It was old and had been hiding under the deck when I found it in 1990. It was on Maui, Gerry had a house and surfed there. Signature looks real. I've seen so many pics of Lopez riding a big yellow gun. You guys would have a better idea , check out the pics. Th100_2007.jpg100_2008.jpg100_2009.jpg100_2010.jpg100_2012.jpganks