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Thread: Surf Movies

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    Surf Movies

    For those of you who watch/collect them, what is your favorite surf movie(s) of all time and why?
    I've been on a binge of watching and rewatching all the movies i own and its been getting me really stoked. I haven't got any new ones in awhile and it's almost Christmas so......
    Anyway, out of the movies I own, my favorite movie of all time is Thicker than Water. Between the incredible footage and soundtrack, it is just incredible. I get the chills every time I watch it. Just curious to what y'alls favorite is.

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    Quiksilver's Cheap and Deep. It was low budget for Quiksilver, and very mid nineties. Used to watch it nonstop with my brother growing up. Anyone know where I can get a copy of this? Don't mind paying for it, but haven't been able to find anything when I look online.

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    As far as newer surf movies, 0000 ("Year Zero" by Globe) is awesome. They got the best/heaviest waves I've seen for recent films. Plus cool non-surf moments.
    Modern Collective has the most radical surfing and a sick soundtrack - life changing when I saw it.
    Lost Atlas sucks but Dear Suburbia was pretty straight. Same with the new Jodry film. I didn't buy it though cuz you could watch it once for free and that's all I really need.
    For older ones, try Secret Machine, Lost Redux and Loose Change

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    #1: Shelter - Sick video work, great music, perfect soul surfer film with great surfers.
    #2: Second Thoughts - Need I say more? The goat? Indo? Timmy Turner and some ridiculous waves... Not to mention the final wave of the film, about a minute long barrel. Longest tube ive ever seen on film. EVER.
    #3: Hit and Run - My room mate used to have this film. Not the best film, but for about 2 years in 2003-2005 I would watch it on VHS like 5 times per day. Once before bed and again in the morning every day while i got my boards ready... Sick punk/fast paced music... Best film to get amped up to surf every day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    #1: Shelter - Sick video work, great music, perfect soul surfer film with great surfers.
    Completely agree!

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    1. anything from taylor steele
    2. point break

    distant 3. All of the rest

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    Sorry we're open

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    All time favorite - Hollow Days by Bruce Brown; Phil Edwards at his finest and early footage of Pipeline surfing.

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    point break, shelter, and any early irons bro movie

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    "Dark Fall"..epitomizes the east coast surfer.