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Thread: Surf Movies

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    I rarely see a surf flick I dont like. Sometimes they get a little too artsy and vague for my taste. I like a good sound track, waves getting ripped, and to see the fun side of these surfers lives (in and out of the water).
    One that stands out in my mind whenever I think of a good surf flick id definitely, WHO IS J.O.B. ! and all of the rest of the Who IS J.O.B. mini episodes on red bull
    Also, I'm sure John John's new flick, "Done" will be way up on the list. Looking forward to that one.

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    Chasing the Lotus is a good one.

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    "Sprout" not your average surf porn. A Joel Tudor esque stylish film. Really amazing

    Other wise Garey Busey in "Big Wednesday" is simply awesome.

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    Blue crush ----- ha ha just kidding. I don't watch many surf movies. Endless Summer is a classic of course and recently saw Come Hell or High Water which I enjoyed since I used to body surf all the time when I was a kid.

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    I thought Intersection 2011 was pretty awesome

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    you can tell a lot about a surfer from the movies he likes.

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    Circa `76. - Tublar Swells. Saw it in manasquan firehouse put on by original inlet outlet crew. Awesome night. Won a skateboard deck to top the night.

    Current favorite, Melali The Drifter Sessions. Amazing soundtrack too.

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    recently i saw "soul surfer" really A good movie - tell lifestyle of surfers.
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    Another vote for Shelter, and Surfing Hollow Days.
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