You might be a local . . .

If you’ve ever clogged up your shower drain with sand.
If the owner of the local surf store just starts pulling out bars of your favorite wax whenever you walk in.
If all of your vehicles have surf racks.
If there are surfboards in every room of the house with a wall bigger than 6’.
If you’ve ever looked at a broken appendage and decided that cutting off the cast is a good option because the waves are “totally worth it”.
If you have a collection of wetsuits that you haven’t worn in years.
If you have a collection of surfboards you haven’t ridden in years.
If broken surfboards are your idea of art projects.
If your ding repair kit consists of a gallon of surfacing resin, a gallon of laminating resin, the full spectrum of pigments and 10 yds of cloth.
If people are more likely to ask “is that a new board?” than “did you get a haircut?”
If your wetsuit doesn’t dry out until summer.
If you have fin scars.
If you take vacations based on swells.
If you’ve ever called in sick to surf.
If the first thing you do after you’ve rubbed the sleep out of your eyes is check the surf report.

Got any more?