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    I think this is dumb and see it too often.

    If you brag about wearing a thinner wetsuit as if it makes you seem tough.

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    If you can't sleep cause you hear the ocean from your house......
    If you can tell whose surfing from the beach soley on style......

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    I live 30 min from my home break, but I consider myself a local because often times on the big cold days me and my buddy's are the only ones out in the lineup.

    Also when youve slept on your beach next to a fire, and surfed a full moon midnight session, thats how I know im a local.

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    I'm not a cool local but I do most of these things.
    I guess a better word to use would be "you might be a surfer"

    I am pretty much like the poster above me. 30 Minutes from the break. While I don't consider myself a local, I do consider myself to be a "regular".
    In the sense that I am there almost every day(though not since sandy), whether it be riding my log on knee high waves or sitting at the tip of the jetty waiting for 5+ sets to come in hoping for a barrel on my body board.
    I know the people who are out in the line up every day. I can pick off the people who are not and the people who only come out when the swell is head high. I know the people's cars and the way the waves work at all 4 breaks between the 2 jettys.
    That being said, I experience most of what everyone has said, but I'm not a local.

    A surfer is a surfer, there's nothing changing that
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    If you made absolutely sure you will forever have license to surf when the waves are good, fish when the fishing is good and come home much later than you said from your FUTURE wife before marrying her. (My wife and I dated for about 4 years before getting married, so she knew and was on board with the deal long before I popped the question).

    If you have repeatedly told your wife/sig. other that it is OK to move for a career and more money..... as long as it's on the ocean, and preferably in a warmer climate than the one you are currently in.

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    If you walk or ride your bike to your favorite breaks

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    If you have stopped caring whether other people think your a local or not.
    If at 40 your in better shape then most 16 year old athletes because you are constantly preparing for "that day"

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    If you have a big bag of wax
    If you can tell the difference between different waxes in the big bag of wax
    If your "to do" list always starts with go surfing
    If go surfing is the only thing crossed off your "to do" list