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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattyb View Post
    I actually wrote a book about my combat marine experience during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It starts off with me surfing in Deal, NJ on September 11th. After realizing the smoke pouring down the coastline was from the terrorist attacks, I decided to go fight for our freedom. Its called The Song Each Bullet Sings and is available on Amazon. If you want to know why today's veterans and military are having such a tough time with PTSD and suicide, my story takes you with me into the war in Iraq. If you get it and enjoy it, please spread the word. Thanks
    Even though he's from North Jersey, everyone(at least the regulars) should buy a copy of this book. Just do it. Spicoli, you should buy two.

    Jeez, MattyB don't be so modest. You should have told us you got a book published. You ever see Goodfellas where Jimmy's all excited that Tommy's getting made. Well, that's how I feel now.

    Nice accomplishment.

    I hope your mental health is good.

    People, don't be a-holes, and buy the dude's book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Hey Goofy Footer, is The Lost Coast good? If one has a thing for northern California, does it satisfy?

    Man, In Search of Captain Zero isn't fiction. Neither is CYGAWA. Dude, Captain Zero was in High Times and all. Alan Weisbecker is a real person. So is Lisa. No wonder Mr. Weisbecker pops pills and smokes so much.
    By fiction I was referring to Alan's loss of reality at times... he is writing what he remembers and with that, you never know.

    Lost Coast was good. I only posted what I enjoyed, there's a few I've read that didn't make this cut.

    Forgot to add: On a Wave. and Cliffs of Insanity. Both GREAT.

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    Thanks PJB. I appreciate the positive support from everybody who gave it. If you want to read a chapter this website put up a nice post of the book today. Please check it out, gain perspective from one day in Iraq. Thanks

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    2 years before the mast - richard henry dana (the dude dana point is named after)
    travels with charley in search of america - john steinbeck
    billy budd/bartleby/moby **** - herman melville
    rabbit, run - john updike
    new hampshire - robert frost
    "playing doc's games" - william finnegan --
    surfers guide to southern california



    lifes too short to read just surfing books
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    With the full understanding that the OP is almost 5 years old and jimmycrab has no doubt long returned from his trip, here are my 20th century American writer recommendations:

    Cannery Row and Log from the Sea of Cortez - both by John Steinbeck.
    The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway.
    Chesapeake - James Mitchner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Kathy, I told you, I'm finishing the book as fast as I can. Any disruptions will delay its completion. I'm really hoping you free me from captivity following its release. Thanks número uno!
    'Conversations' with your blow up doll are better left in your bedroom & not posted here, emhola hole.

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    Back to the thread:

    'Dispatches' by Michael Herr
    'The Art of Racing in the Rain' by Garth Stein

    .....agree with life's too short to read only surf books....but I do like the well-told surf tales

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    Kon Tiki too!

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    I finally found DA BULL in paperback for a reasonable price, when it arrived it was the paper cover of DA BULL wrapped around a frickin Harry Potter book!

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    Rabbit run by john Updike, great
    suggestion, really anything by Updike!
    Also anything by Edward Abby. Hemingway,
    was also a great suggestion.