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    I am cool with the guys and uber glad you will still like me if I talk differently but that is how I really do talk - esp when I'm excited (not stoked?) about a surf trip. Drives my boss insane when I say awesomeness.... LOL I will try to watch my "grammer." Better?

    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    I know you're a girl and probably trying really hard to be cool with the guys but I think you may have watched too much teenage mutant ninja turtles or surf ninjas growing up.

    You can talk normal, we'll still like you.

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    I have to disagree with most of you. Sure, pro surfers get to travel a lot and surf perfect waves. They also sacrifice time with family, relationships, stability, etc. Anyone here who has traveled a lot can probably relate at least a little bit, especially we military folk who get uprooted every year or so and never get to experience a more permanent community. Sure, Rob has enjoyed the things that the rest of us dream about, but he has also sacrificed some of the things we take for granted. I for one enjoy listening to his genuine stuff, though I am sure the surf industry filters and changes a lot of it to raise profits...just my two cents.

    Oh, and I would have to agree with those who attest to his reputation. A friend of mine lives near Cardiff and has come across Rob a few times with nothing but good things to say about him. Pro surfers basically sell their soul the moment they sign a big contract, just like a big rock band. You can cry "sellout" or just accept the person for who he is: another guy who deals with the harsh realities of life, just like the rest of us.

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    I was pretty cool to watch the movie for free, and not pay $29 at the surf shop for it. But the movie should have been tittled The Loner, since it was about being alone. And that's what loners do: complain about people. Not that there aren't things to complain about.

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    Great movie...He rips and seeing how those villagers live should make everybody who watches it feel grateful for how easy they have it.

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