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    I came home from work to find my wife. . .

    Had nailed the corner of the entertainment center with two of my boards. What'd you think I was gonna post?

    Seriously though, one was my Coil. Nickle sized hole right through the rail, right on the parabolic stringer. So, I've never patched anything like that; anybody know the deal? Surely it's not as simple as just patching a regular rail ding. I'm guessing it's similar to as if the center stringer on one of my poly(s) had broken.

    I'll post a pic when I'm done sobbing. Man, that was my favorite board. I figure it took the blow right on the corner too. Thing is tough though. The rail of the poly that fell was straight up crunched and it only hit the side of the console. Lot o q cell goin in there. I'm thinking of taking the Coil to the Ding King or Joe Roper.

    photo 2.jpg
    Deeper than it looks, about a thumbnail deep by a nickle wide.

    Here's the poly board:

    photo 3.JPG
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