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    it's a waste of time teaching a pig to sing.....

    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    You should look up the statistics of enlisted military families who are on food stamps or WIC. Might be enlightening.
    yeah, you are asking too much on that account, i'm afraid. too many are loathe to let facts get in the way of a good (translated STRIDENT) argument

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    You know it's flat on the East Coast when the hottest discussion on here is politics.

    Just messing guys, but yeah I've had enough of politics myself.

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    After reading the rest of this thread, it seems I missed something....

    Was the guy who climbed the coaster on food stamps? Did he call for help from his Obamaphone? Was his name John Galt and he climbed the thing from the Mayflower? Jeeeeeze I'm confused!

    The problem with our political system these days is none of those jokers ever took the time to read our NOYA thread.

    *Pops Antischism cd in and turns volume to 11*

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    Pretty cool, but I can see why he was arrested. What if he needed a rescue? He would put others in danger, and would cost the state money/emergency resources. A first responder never wants to report to a call like this. Good initiative, bad judgement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Was the guy who climbed the coaster on food stamps? Did he call for help from his Obamaphone?
    +1 Thank you.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead

    No sabes de algo La Encomienda jue? I'm sure their impending freedom was just what was on the Spanish mind as they sailed towards the Indies. No one ever remembers the arawaks .

    The point was to juxtapose the declining brand of 'freedom' we have as americans, and not to start a conversation about indians or the crimes europeans committed against them or the intent of the gold thirsty spaniards. I've read 1491 and Guns, Steel, and Germs and a host of other books which debunk the myths we were taught in 4th grade history. You can play devils advocate or educator or send links to wikipedia or whatever, but as the great Royal Tennebaum once said - "Dont talk semantics with me."

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    Wow, sorry if my "joke/comment" was taken incorrectly or started an avalanche!! Yeah, I should not have brought politics to the forum, they could get nasty even in church! Good on the guy for climbing, glad no one was hurt, sorry to see him get arrested, I think a ticket would have been fine. But, I can see where maybe they are making this as an example to others of what will happen. His mom said in an article that he is a bit of a daredevil. He should have done a cannon ball from the top, that would have been a little more exciting!

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    Why don't they get the f&*king thing out of the water or drag in out to sea then they won't have to worry someone climbing on it.

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    It's amazing they arrest someone for climbing on a structure in the ocean while they don't arrest/deport illegal immigrants. We spend our resources/money on arresting US citizens instead of illegals which have the biggest impact on our debt and economy. Illegals receive services that should only be reserved for citizens. Healthcare, education, food stamps, welfare and section 8 housing are all services they receive. This adds billions to our debt every month. This doesn't even count the billions for housing illegal criminals in the prison system. It's amazing that they can break the law coming here. Then, have a baby which qualifies them for food stamps, welfare and section 8 housing. I talk to friends who are realtors. These illegals come into their offices approved with $2,000/ month for rental housing because they had babies here. Wow, I'm working my ass off and they are living better than me.

    This is the real problem with the country and why we will keep going further into debt. If they actually arrested/deported these people, the country would be able to use all this money for tax breaks or paying off the deficit. I was never a huge fan of welfare but it does serve a purpose as zgaffer says. There are some families who need it who are actually working. My problem is with non-US citizens who receive services that I pay for. It really gets to you when you see them only focusing on petty crimes by US citizens when the biggest crime and economic impacts are caused by illegal immigrants. PBS was running specials on the costs of illegals about a year ago. That stats are crazy and this comes from a very good news source compared to fox and cnn. I think I will go to Mexico, renounce my citizenship and then come back. Then, I will get to live here without working but have everything paid for. The big misconception is that all illegals are hard workers. If you read the stats, that isn't true. Most don't have any jobs and are getting aid. It's crazy that other people in this country make you feel that you can't speak out on this matter.

    This is a real problem that is leading this country to a major depression. Something needs to be done about it. The system needs to be changed to prevent illegals from receiving services or they need to be deported. Making them citizens will only qualify them for more services and more people draining the system. Then, we will be looking at a 60% tax rate.

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    ^^^This guy. Immigration is a definitely huge problem that needs to be addressed. Too bad the world is so PC these days.