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    See nynj agrees with me. Poor southerers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    Oh my god this hick again. Do you know how many people are laughing at you behind your back with those waves brahhh. Literacy everyone brahhh you raised 800 bucks. Hahah. I make more than that in one week. You are a joke and those waves are jokes. Everyone on this forum agrees. And bye the way. Work on your trapizoids
    Sad I thought this guy was real but just reading all of this makes me realize we've been had. : (

    It was fun while it lasted... Congrats on 365 bro. You should get a quarter day in just in case its a leap year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    Literacy everyone brahhh you raised 800 bucks.
    It's amazing that this illiterate fool knows how to spell what he doesn't have. Meet me at my break, jackoff.

    Kure, keep it up,'s awesome what you are doing!

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    What time Sunday, Cinco de Mayo? Location? I'll be there if at all possible! Only thing that could stop me would be..... NJshredmachine!

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    I'm going to step off here I k ow that sometimes people get intimidated when they see me. It's cool. And ok I may be tying on my brand new $500 iPhone while driving around in my Nissan gt-r (watch fast and furious) and misspell a word or two. Just saying what everyone is thinking... But it's cool. No need for me to get angry and fight anyone.
    NJshredmachine, I have come out of my hibernation to say YOU ARE SUCH A FA.GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I know people like you, self-promoting, bragging liars that don't do anything for anyone other than themselves, rip off people left and right and take advantage of everyone around them untill the people they know can't stand them or even talk to them. I bet you got that from being a f.ucking spoiled little prick, who has now grown into a giant di.ckhead tumor that should be cut out like a cancer. You spend sooooooooooooooooooooo much effort at making up clever things to say on this board, telling people 'oh Brah why don't you do this or look at this or come see my benchpress at the gym come on down'... What? Like anyone would do that, though if I lived in jersey I might just go see you there to find out what a pathetic waste of life you are. I'll look for your car bc it's gonna be the sweet rad-ass fast one with chicks all over it, pining for your awesomeness, they just want to surround you like moth's around a lamp right? How rich are your parents? I bet anything that if you have a good job, it is only bc you were born into a wealthy family with connections, if you have a good job I would be surprised if you got it for any reason other than being a weasly over-priviledged rich bi.tch. You are very annoying, you don't say anything constructive or helpful EVER, get over yourself bro. And stop bashing on EVERYONE that doesn't live in jersey and workout with you at your smelly ass gym. And to clarify- I'm pretty sure no one gives a damn about your waves, girlfriends, car, or job. Go to hell.

    MODERATOR: Can you just ban this guy already? The OG poster should be able to block ppl out of their threads if they are, well if they are NJshredmachine
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  6. i think we are doing noon at J ave in Kure Beach...Please come out! Anyone who wants! NJShred is welcome to come and surf his 23 footers, listening to Drake, fist pumping with his designer tank top on while slaying his multipel long as he puts his surfboard on top of his Vin Deisel Nissan...

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    I'm 99% certain that NJShredmachine is some guy just faking it.

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    Sorry to put that hateful rant in the middle of your charity thread, that guy is super lame, to make it even worse he is probably making up 95% of everything he says because he knows that it will work people up, he's not taking this community as seriously as others, the words he puts up here have different weights with different people. I will defiantly try to make it to Kure to surf with you guys, but it is finals week for me and I'm pretty sure I'll be attending a sweet margarita party at my backwards hick beach here to kick off the summer, and anyway I lost my precious P.O.S. nissan to NJshredmachine in that street race last month. I'll be sure to donate when I am able, I just don't have the skills and skrills like NJshredmachine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudicles View Post
    I'm 99% certain that NJShredmachine is some guy just faking it.
    I know.... I just have met some real life jerks that actually think act and speak like this doofus and I cannot stand that type of person.

  10. Just got out of water! 365 is in the books. Raised over $1100 for Ocean Cure Inc!! The last three days were so brutal!! yesterday there were 40-50 mph gusts and it was insanly choppy..I'll have my blog updated tonight. Thanks for the support swellinfo forum!!

    Thanks everyone!