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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    Look at my avatar. That's a wave!
    My eyes are getting bad from staring into the sun during all my evening seshs over the years. All I see is a midget doing a sloppy cut-back on what we call 2-3 out here and what my ohana call "not worth it" in Hawaii.
    My Auntie, who's in her 60's and lives on Huelo St, stand up paddles bigger waves than that.

    Shouldn't you be shooting roids and working on your fake tan or something?

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    oooooh god, it goes from surfing to bench pressing.... what next? LOL

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    Whatever brah. No fake anything here. It's funny looking at your sorry pics. The first time I decided to try to get onto a forum and the first pictures I see is from some kook in kure beach with some dumb web page trying to surf for a year. Easy peasy. Look at those waves on his page and then look at my avatar. Notice a difference?.? You probably can't because you are blind!!

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    Sir, I knew South Jetty Bill, and you are no South Jetty Bill... Just a douche bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    First of dlrouen I did a little investigation and found out you surfed aT North Carolina beach. Typical southerner. You know nothing about waves brah!! Look at my avatar. That's a wave! You are located next to the puddle rider that surfs the 360 days straight. Look at his pics for Christ sakes! Don't start wagging our mouth when you can't back it up. Surfing, bench pressing, you name it. IT'S ON!!,
    Yeah, you really put on quite an investigation to find out where my home break is.

    Check your avatar? You're making a fool of yourself.

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    The only fool in this forum are the ones surfing the mush that I've seen on pictures, dumb blogs, and intranet sights. Open your eyes man. You just look silly.