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    Kudos to Mr. Swellinfo, they have pretty much been spot on since i have become a member, they have only been wrong a couple of times...and thats why they call it forecasting...learn the spots where you surf, i wish the younger generation would have surfed in the early 70s, we didnt have cams, computers, smartphones ect., we had local knowledge and knew how to use it.

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    Gfooter... ahh yea... the JoeMac days! He was doing it before EVERYBODY else. If he only knew his name's still being brought up in conversations today...

    Zach... have faith, brother. The smarter groms today are still learning the tricks of the trade, wanting as bad as we did to score the goods on those rare sneaker swells... or know exactly where to go on that certain combination of wind, swell and tide.

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    while surfline has been over-hyping each and every so.cal swell, swell info's forecasts have been pretty much spot on which is unfortunate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfmdoc View Post
    Yup, there kind of like the weatherman. Maybe members can post .?
    Members CAN post. On the surf report page....I find that swellinfo is usually pretty reliable within a few days, but when they REALLY mess up, or just naturally mispredict something, I enter my own report on the surf report page. That's why they created that function. Weathers hard to predict and very fickle..

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    I have surfline premium. It's $10/month and I gave my login info to all of my friends so, whatever. Ballin' I guess.

    Nearshore models are cool.

    No ads on cams rocks

    HD cams rock

    Their forecast is conservative, which is a a good control for watching the swellinfo long range...

    I personally use a combo of surfline, swellinfo, weather.com / wunderground, and meth-amphetamines. I get to go surfing pretty often.

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    Those meth-amphetamines are key.

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    Yeah, you miss waaaaay too many swells when you have to sleep every day. Oh wait.... did you mean Magicseaweed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Yeah, you miss waaaaay too many swells when you have to sleep every day. Oh wait.... did you mean Magicseaweed?
    no, that place is a joke. It probably says DOH and glassy right now.

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    I feel like this has been happening more since sandy... I know theyre out very deep, but is it possible some buoys being pushed out of place could be throwing off the forecasting model? because I know how outer swell manifests on Long island and right now our local buoy is showing...4.3 foot swell as i recall. possibly 1-1.5ft waves currently. and it has been kind of a consistent overforecast for here at least. thoughts?

    BTW micah i think you do a fantastic job managing this site, felt it should be said

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    its just going to be flat forever. if you look at surfline for oc.md its says flat for tomorrow, where as on SI it says its going to hit 5 foot by 12 tomorrow.
    look at the even extended forecast as surfline says oc.md 4-6 for next wed/thur, and here is says flat..wtf