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    That just made my day. Soulful creatures. Sometimes we can be, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    ZaGaffer, I realized that most of it was hypothetical when I watched it. Can you direct me to where you found out those NOAA scientists are proven to be actors? The guy that studies dolphin and whale communication? The weird recording was fake? And so on. Not busting balls, just curious about your source of information. It's pretty lame that they would portray any of that as fact, if it's all total bs. I'm far from believing anything I see on the stupid box. Apparently reputable scientists on a reputable channel, maybe.
    Hadn't seen this post Doug. Here's a link to the press release that the Discovery Channel put out:

    Here's two quotes:
    As the crescendo to Monster Week, a weeklong network programming stunt airing from May 21 to May 28, Mermaids: The Body Found is a story about evolutionary possibility grounded in a radical scientific theory – the Aquatic Ape Theory, which claims that humans had an aquatic stage in our evolutionary past.

    The film is science fiction, using science as a springboard into imagination and centering the story on the following real-world events:
    •In the early 1990s, the US Navy began a series of covert sonar tests, which were linked to mass die-offs of whales, which washed up on beaches throughout the world. For years, the Navy denied they were responsible for these beachings.
    •In 1997, scientists at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded a mysterious sound (called “The Bloop”) in the deep Pacific, which was thought to be organic in nature. It has never been identified.

    And here are the IMDB credits:Mermaid: The Body Found

    The scientists were actors.

    And here's an article written by a marine scientist pissed off that DSN would confuse people: rip-science-on-tv

    Here's a pic of him communing with a whale shark:

    However, all that being said, I'll go mermaid fishing with ya buddy. You supply the ice, limes, rum and coke; I'll bring the bait.

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    Cool vid too bad the hook was left in it...

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    think the same band that did the tunes for this vid did this.

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    That octopus was just having fun with the spear fisherman. They're super smart with impressive problem solving ability. It's pretty cool to see it F with the infallible human.

    The SNL vid is probably Tracy Morgan’s best work because his mouth stays shut.

    ZaGaffer my boat is gassed up and ready to go and the captain (me) also enjoys the Captain! We could make it a dual purpose night mission and target ufo's too.

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    cuenta conmigo!

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    here's some porpoise porn. It's true about "it[' not the size of the wave" thing.

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    Om my god this forum has turned gay instead of worring about dolphins head to Ocean City this week 10,6 feet barrells brah! ill show ya rednecks down south how we do it in JERSEY!