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    Costa Rica for the first time

    Going down to Costa Rica for the first time at the end of January. Already posted a thread about board rentals, but realized I needed to know a lot more than that. Not renting car because of DUI breathalizer, but can do ATV. Staying Otro Lado in Santa Teresa. Can walk or ATV not too far out of the way. What tides are better to surf on, and if high is better at a reef, thann what are some good beach breaks to surf low tide. Also thanks for the prior info from chicarronne.

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    yer wackum

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    surf playa negra. its sick

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    Playa Negra is on the complete other side of CR.

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    Did the SEARCH function quit working?

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    Youre in luck as there are no reef's in Santa Teresa. You will probably be surfing La Lara or Playa Carmen which will work on any tide. If you are riding a shortboard go at low tide rising, if Longboard go whenever. If you need to rent boards go to Jobbies.

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    no reef. just lava.

    4 miles north of S.T.

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    this is my li'l wifey in the "tidal pool" south of playa carmen. you got to get there early, before it get occupied. there a bunch of urchins and clown fish. it's a cosmic experience. the wife can't swim, and this place has big ass waves breaking just outside the shelf.

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    That pool is the size of a swimming pool for sure! cool view around it though trees growing out of the ocean. There are some other great pools if you go around the back side of Mar Azul toward Bowling Balls. Loves The Mal Pais and love that it is still relatively uncrowded. Im sure chich agrees

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    Last time there was when they put this up
    there a lot of pissed off people. Except Jorge, he owned the field. He had a shower and a turdlet next to my camp in 01. 100 colones to use the shower. the wife and I would go in together and do out laundry. They sell a long bar of detergent we'd bring in and rub all over our clothes. He let young girls shower for free then disappear until they got out. When we were there a dog came down and spit out 8 puppies. 2 looked like St. Bernards and 6 like pit bulls.we got rid of them before we left. 2 on an island outside of paquero, 2 in Cobano at the restaurant next to the bus stop, 2 in Cabuya, and two around MP. the runt the wife fed by hand. we left it with a gringo 1/2 way between ST and MP. the last time there, we were going to the pizza place near MP and a light brown pit was sitting by the road. as we passed I saw him look at the wife and stared at us as we drove away. we went into the pizza(wood oven cooked) and a few minutes later the dog walked in and put his head in her lap.
    that's her at Fernandos in Cabuya after the cops ran us off playa carmen. everyone wanted the fat gringo dogs.

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