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    Point Break f'in blows!!!

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    It's what someone was calling a traction pad a while back and it ruffled a few feathers, so I reruffled.

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    Surfing exercise machines:

    Surf Training paddle workout machine
    The SurfSet fitness machine some yuppie gym in NYC had

    Also not a fan of the Asymmetrical surfboards, ewww

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    The Wave Ski
    Day Glow
    Da Hui (hehehe)
    ha. I had a pair of Jams in elementary school, thought I was badass. Still have a pic of my little brother wearing one of those Jams "desert" hats with the two flaps in the back and the sunglasses with the faux leather side covers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarbleMan View Post
    How about needle sharp noses on shortboards? I got a nice scar to prove it was lame for me. Needed those lame silicone nose condoms to keep from having a lawn dart moment...
    Yep, Nose Guards... lame as issshhhhhh

    Quote Originally Posted by oipaul View Post
    Jams "desert" hats with the two flaps in the back and the sunglasses with the faux leather side covers...

    OH SNAP!

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    Oh yeah, not an actual surf product...Flames artwork/design on the surfboard. wth?

    Craigslist is full of boards with this design, I wonder why.

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    Forecasting websites. (No offense SI. You are great and all but..) Way better to check it yourself and be pleasantly surprised, than to expect it and be disapointed.

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    The 2- or 3-piece surfboard that costs a lot of money made by I-can't-recall....seemed like a good idea in theory for carrying boards on planes, but from what I've heard the thing just doesn't hold up over time plus you talk about flex in the water, whoa.

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    sweelinfo ads.jpg

    Swellinfo ads haha. i cant tell if thats shopped or not...

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    from the article:
    circa 1982
    Multi Fins (Uncredited)
    Laminated fibreglass, fixed and boxed.
    Surfing Magazine, March, 1990
    Volume 26 Number 3, Page 102.

    Included in an article titled
    Dubious Achievements :
    "Following Simon Anderson's development
    of the thruster in 1981, surfboard
    designers everywhere decided that if three's
    to be, four will score, five's no jive, six's the
    pick, seven's heaven, eight'll be great..."
    If I remember the article correctly the guy covered the bottom of his board with fins and started breaking them off from the nose down until the board began to work.

    And at the other extreme...anyone remember Cheyne Horan's love affair with single fin short boards? He probably could have surfed on a ironing board but refused to follow the crowd. He probably still uses a clay wheeled skateboard and a beaver tailed wetsuit.