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    Anyone try vasoline on the face?

    I've heard people talk about putting vasoline on their face to protect from cold in the winter.
    I have never tried, have you?

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    Feb 2012
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    I use it on the real cold days to help prevent chapped skin. However, it does not keep my face warmer.

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    back in the day I used to put it on my nipples (shut up) to cut down on chafing in my short john wet suit.

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    I thought that stuff was bad for your wetsuit...

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    I use Blistex, but same concept. It really only keeps your skin from chapping, but Blistex is also SPF 15.

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    I always keep a tub of that **** in my jeep. I have never used it on my face on cold days, even though I have though of it. On longer sessions I always use it on the neck, arm pits and crotch of my wet suit to prevent chafing. It works pretty good! It also stays on your skin for a while. Has not ruined my wet suit as far as I can tell, but keeps it nice and slick. It is typically only needed because my wet suit is not new any more. The older the wet suit, the more chafing I seem to get.
    By the Way, There has not been a surfable wave in N.H. in the last month, and its seriously depressing.

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    i put it on my face to repel 35 degree water... seems to work well/kind of a simple concept.

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    it seems to work for me

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    been doing it for a few years now. It seems to help me for sure with the cold water and the wind, wether it's just a mental thing or not who knows.. Just be sure to clean your face after the session.

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    i've heard the old guys talk about doing it when it gets really cold. i've never had the opportunity to try it yet but it supposedly works

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