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Thread: Lost Hang Goose

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    Lost Hang Goose

    Lost my Hang Goose (wooden wetsuit hanger thing) somewhere around Sea Oats Lane in Carolina Beach today 1/27/13 around 1 or 2 pm. Let me know if anyone picks it up, I'd like to get it back. $ reward

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    What does it do... I saw it online, but I don't get it. What makes it worth $62?

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    It's a glorified hanger. Makes it marginally easier to carry your wetsuit gear in and out of your house and hang it to dry. Probably not worth 62 bucks but I got it as a gift, so there's some attachment to it.

    It kind of makes me a little embarrassed to think of someone spending that much on something like that for me.

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    I found the goose thing. Check your messages.

  5. I use the hang goose after every session. It leaves my wetsuit and booties dry and ready to go the next morning. I think all surfers would be stoked to have this. Its small, compact, cheap, and gets the job done. I take on every surf trip cause you can hang it anywhere. If you donít own one your really missing out! I Love it!

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    my fiancee has bought me 2...first one died a noble death after falling from our 2nd floor balcony. i like it b/c it's not plastic, helps my suits dry quickly, & is compact. 100% win!