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What are you talking about not making it?

Every LB on the east coast can easily make those waves.
These boards have a huge wave making advantage of mainstream longboards, it's easy to say from your chair that you'd make this wave or that because the boards make it look easy, but the reality is that during the majority of sessions the other boards struggle and fail.

You have experience surfing both LB types?
Yes, and more importantly I surf with all the variations of the mainstream 'Malibu' derived type on a regular basis and have done for a long time. They can't compete most of the time, because of their obvious design deficiencies.

Since when are there only 2 types.

Almost all mainstream longboards are derived from the Malibu type,although there are many variations they can stilll be lumped into the same category as far as their general deficiencies go.

Why do you make stuff up?
I don't... except in the sense that I design, original surfboards.

Personally, I have never ridden a Malibu. I have been on a tri fin and a single fin classic style, both of which easily catch small to large waves. I don't need evidence, as there is a 40 year history of east coast surfing that shows the designs are proven to work. Will Allison has been shaping for 34+ years. I think he would be considered experienced.
The point is that until the boards encounter superior craft then they are comparing their performance only with themselves.

I'm in the position where I can compare, you are not.