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I'll say it again, I and a large portion of the SI crowd have a different idea of what performing on a surfboard means. Like I said earlier, you have a go-fast, go-straight board
My boards turn very well indeed, they do so efficiently and without fuss, and unlike most longboards can do so while carving in trim at speed.

I think the surfer's idea of performance in this video have more in common with a lot of the SI users. In the video at 1:36 Beano tries a couple times to make a front side turn up the face of the wave. He tries this unsuccessfully then moves back further on the board to try again and still can't do it and finishes out the ride by jumping over the wave at 1:45.
It is ridiculous to judge the board's capabilities from video of someone who is not a competent rider on that board and is making serious elementary mistakes.


I know that these guy obviously don't know how to ride this board as you stated earlier.
Precisely, so why use the video as an example of how the board performs?

These surfers attempted turns and were punished for it, you trim but attempt no turns. We've seen this many times through the videos you've provided.
Absolutely incorrect my videos show many turns, these are accomplished without fuss and without standing far back on the tail. The boards turn from the trimming position.

throwing buckets if you will.
Spray throwing is an inefficiency, ideally all turns would be accomplished with the minimum of spray.

Where is the future performance of your designs going?
Wait and see... at present I'm producing a smaller more highly rockered version of the Makaha called the 'Hotkurl' with a deep single concave and a relatively high angle of lift on the tunnel. This design is not new to me but is to you. It's a winner... very fast and nimble.