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It's not honest. It's laden with false troll opinion which is not a real opinion as it's not measurable by any market research because like it's been pointed out before the nay Sayers don't represent a real population.
Wow, way to be a d'ck Richard, call me a LIAR. I mean Chuck. "Market research"? Wtf is that? Who's the market, eccentric, millionaire surfers? They're a rare breed, the few I know don't ride Roy's boards, I can say that. None of the poor or middle class ones do either except for you and Steve. Are you a millionaire Chuckles? Also, what's not honest? Roy lives in New Zealand and makes wood boards. He sent one to Hawaii and Sponge and Randy and GMac rode it. Then it got to the US and Mr Doof and Surfrat and the Janitor got a hold of it and it blew up in Ocean Beach San Fran and now Wood Ogre's fixing it. What'd I say that wasn't true?

This said, I proved that a Roy olo can perform on short period east coast swells. But the trolls always avoid the reality and delve into falsities to amuse.

The olo works on shorter period swell. Now the argument is for the Turning which the troll bases around their short board standard expectations.
I've seen the video of you squatting in crappy, little surf. That's great, let's see one in the Eddie or at Mavs where in Roy's own words they'll excel.