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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post

    If you don't like the need to visit our Forum.
    I suggested that you stop posting off topic material in response to your demand that I stop posting my surfboards.... it was simply done to illustrate the hypocricy of your position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post

    user reviews of your products put your planks in their place as comic book creations

    In fact I have numerous excellent user reviews.

    Here's one on the 10' 'Makaha'

    " Yesterday was the day. Finally i got to test the board at oreti beach.. i turned up around 9 am and not a soul to be seen. Seeing as i only have a 8ft leash, the decision was made to not use a leggie, but i was a bit apprehensive seeing as i would be out there on my own (it's a long paddle out into the southern ocean) on an unfamiliar board.

    Then surf school turned up. I know the head guy and he immediately spotted the stick in my car and wanted to check it out, so i hauled her out and gasps abound from the kook crew. They were buzzing on the board and questions were being asked quicker than i could answer.

    The boss guy was impressed. he's also a pu longboard shaper and a well respected artist. he asked if he could have a go and i said 'of course, once i've had a's the maiden voyage and the captain gets first cruise'.

    It has exceeded my expectations and i am fully stoked.

    I borrowed a 10 ft leash off the school(which turned out to be a blessing) and headed out. first thing i noticed was it's buoyancy. then i hopped on and started to paddle. it paddled so easy! i was skimming along with little effort and punching through the white water was a breeze.

    First wave came along and i lined myself up for it...a few quick effortless paddles and she took off down the face. shortboard habits let me down, i leaned into the bottom turn and the board kept going straight ahead.
    the next wave i nose dived. paddled back out and was met by two very inquisitive hector dolphins who spent the next hour hanging around me taking slow dives under the board and fully checking it out.

    next wave, ..a really clean right hander(natural for me) at about shoulder height...i lined myself up and paddled up to speed, the wave picked me up and as smooth as silk the board took off, i jumped to my feet, gently leaned into a bottom turn, easy as..and headed down the line. it was a fast and smooth exit from the bottom turn. i had found the sweet spot and was away roller coasting down the line, turning was effortless, bottom turns were effortless as was cut backs, generally the whole ride was just magic...i threw everything i knew about surfing out the window and just glided the next half a dozen waves at speed...laughing the whole time.

    One wave, a left, sectioned out in front of me, i held my balance and aimed for the clean wall and before i knew it i was on the open face again. this has never happened before on my 7'2", once a section closes it's impossible to gain enough speed to catch up with the wave at oreti..but not on the hollow 10 footer!

    I caught another 6 or so waves, cruising at speed and beating close out sections on the lefts, which on any other board i have ridden is near impossible at this place..actually, i have never beaten a section there and have never seen anyone else beat sections. i had one of the most fun filled surfs ever... fully stoked.

    I headed in , it was time for the boss guy to have a go and i was keen to get some feed back from a very competent longboard rider. this guy had no problem finding the sweet spot. he was all over the waves, cutbacks, trimming in style, switchfoot and beating sections once thought impossible.

    He caught about 6 waves and came in beaming and buzzing, "beautiful!.....this is a board that you don't need to takes you for a ride!
    ."throw all your ideas about surfing out the need to walk this board...just stand in one spot and slightly lean toe to heal on the back foot and the board does the rest"
    Later on he came around to my home for a couple of hrs and marveled at it's beauty. he shapes pu longboards, lives at riverton and is also a respected artist in southland...quite the character. We yarned , and being the open minded man he is, he understood and appreciated it's design.

    In the last 30 yrs i have ridden all sorts of boards from 5'4" channeled 80's thrusters to the occasional mal ride....this board by far is the most fun so far and easy...a different way to surf and an absolute pleasure.

    Roy, i can't express how happy i am with this board.

    Thank you so much for your insight and inspiration.

    Peace to you."

    RB Invercargill

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    More from RB:

    ""Last week i went for a surf and finally got to tackle some doh smoothness. i had a stack of waves(as one does on a hollow timber surfcraft) and had just made the mammoth paddle back out to see the next set approach. by now i was fairly stuffed but this set looked like the biggest so far. so i dug deep and made a beeline for the horizon. the first wave peaked up and started to peel & i was just in the right spot to take off. however, due to my exhaustion and close proximity to the set wave i buried the tail and did a quick swing around. by now the wave was on me and i had no forward momentum. the wave picked me up and i attempted a few paddles but still didn't have enough speed for a take off. by now i was at the top and on a one way trip over the falls. then i got that weightless feeling so seeing as i was commited to a beating i may as well make the most of it, i jumped to a crouched position on the very nose of the 10ftr, grabbed both rails and stayed low...fdid the full on elevator drop of about 12 feet, slightly leaned to the left and put my faith in the stayed true and took off around the bottom of the wash at which point i stood up and back to the sweetspot and carried on at max velocity down the line. i have a new found respect for my board."

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    Here's the 12'9" version:

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    I wish you had video of the other people surfing it.

    I personally like walkin a longboard. Would rather do that than just stand there.

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    Royboy that's not a terrible film. Please tell me you or a friend are not skilled in CGI. That's strange if so. I'd watch it again if I get 5 minutes of my life back and the soundtrack is dope too.

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    You haven't discussed design here much at all. You are basically just using this as ad space.

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    There is only one way to settle this. Give one to Joel Tudor or Wingnut to test drive. You may not have a high personal opinion of Randy Rarick, but these 2 guys are respected worldwide for their board knowledge and riding skills.

    Nobody really gives a rat's arse about the opinion of some unknown wanker from Invercargill, the Sheep Buggering Capital of The World.

    Judging from his description, I'm betting that you let him borrow somebody else's SUP.

    Geez, even Edison and Bell had to let others sample their products. It can't be "genius" or "breakthrough" if you are the only one making all the claims. Otherwise, you are just another Kaczynski, albeit one that wears wetsuits the color of offshore buoys.

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    The review looks like the same one (and the only one AFAIK) that's been on his blog for a while and frankly sounds like a fluff piece from a bad PR firm. Who knows if its even real?

    Only thing you're gonna get is video after video of him trimming down the line...lots of claims about performance, precious little in the way of proof. Odd business model when trying to sell six figure boards. Could buy a Ferrari, Lambo, etc. for those prices and plenty of ways to verify that those actually perform like they say.

    Kinda like trying to sell someone a Lambo and showing them a vid of it cruising at 35PMPH and pulling into a parking space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Royboy that's not a terrible film. Please tell me you or a friend are not skilled in CGI. That's strange if so. I'd watch it again if I get 5 minutes of my life back and the soundtrack is dope too.

    Cheers ES. There's no CGI in the video though.