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    Even better - don't post the Rarick review again, don't argue with Roy about the Rarick review again, when he posts "reviews" that you think are fake, give them the amount of attention you think they deserve, and give this thread a chance to fade into oblivion. Just because something is the most annoying thing imaginable doesn't mean it HAS to be page one news month after month. sorry - rant over.
    Quite so,in which case the thread will only appear briefly when I have something new to post, which only happens occasionally.

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    It will only appear when you freeload off of SI and use it for unpaid advertising you Douche Canoe.

    And Mitchell our hope is that Roy will eventually go crazy as he has on other forums and get the ban hammer dropped. I think it's fun to push him and see his lame a$$ comebacks. Plus we are talking about a senior citizen here who denies the holocaust, talks smack about Merica and bangs sheep on the daily. How can you not continue to antagonize a tool bag like that?
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    those are some pretty high-tech bricks you got going on there.