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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    You'd turn down such an opportunity?

    Never mind, another wave comes.
    Simply put, yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post

    Ok, it's obvious you just took like 5 big rips on your kiwi bong

    Getting it wrong seems to be your specialty... Roy does not partake.

    Accusations of drug use almost always occur when the opponent is losing the argument. In any case they contribute less than nothing to the discussion.

    so with that i'll let you be, and I don't blame you, I'll be doing the same shortly, minus the kiwi, I burn american weeds.
    So as it turns out you are the one using drugs, while I am not.

    How did that attempt work out for you?

    You sure do have a strange way of looking at things.
    Strange to you, no doubt.

    I certainly don't care if you ever decide to do anything else, but don't go around acting like you invented a new style or form of surfing, because you haven't.
    I don't, but if I decided to, you telling me not to would not prevent it.

    , it's just that you've decided to not progress at all
    Nothing could be further from the truth, and keep in mind that since surfing is supposed to be a personal thing I am permitted to judge progress according to my own goals rather than yours... just as you are free to judge my surfing according to your own goals as you do.

    and are stuck in the beginner stage, not that there is anything wrong with that....
    Getting roasted in the water by a 'beginner' of 48 years standing is such a drag...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    I was talking to Chuck, or are you admitting that you are one in the same? Please refrain from speaking on others behalf, thank you in advance.
    You are confused, I was replying to your post.

    This is a group discussion, remember?


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    Roy even though I've spent sometime playing the game of back and forth in this ridiculous thread, the only thing that is true is that you've built your own boards.
    they look nice. a little bit like my kitchen floor. and maybe they surf good... they are not better than anyone else's water craft creations. I suppose they are not worse but they are no better in general.
    Rarick pointed out the basic and pro's and con's in a fair and positive manner. granted more time would have probably gotten him better waves but by the end he had some roy type of positioning and manuevering.

    so what else is there to discuss. this thread has boiled down to discussing you and.... I mean who cares?
    be roy but don't be fooling yourself that your board is the best thing that's ever happened to surfing. Cause it isn't. Maybe you have not said that it is in sentence form... but you kind of position yourself as trying to show people that Roy knows best.... I think its "Roy likes the attention."

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    Fitz I looked at your post for anything which I would be interested in replying to but couldn't find anything, it's just vague vibe stuff which I'd rather pass on or has been covered previously.

    Here are the first couple of waves on the Ghost 12 after 5 months out of the water. The point at Manu Bay Raglan had a small swell which only one other rider apart from ourselves was interested in, even though it is NZ's most crowded point break. I slid a few before the swell died feeling while feeling very 'rusty', and then spent a couple of hours chatting with an old surfing acquaintance from my home break while the kids swam and rode paipos down past the boat ramp. A good day all told.

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    Roy I like how you keep a patua fin on the dash of your boss van. That's bad ass dude.

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    How far away do you live from that break?

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    Charles it's Badass for sure, that's the fin from the new Hotkurl. I had one wave on the new Hotkurl before slipping off because i hadn't waxed close enough to the rail. Board was absolutely hammered on the rocks even though it was a small swell... it high tide it breaks right on to the boulders. Anyway the fin was smashed off and we got a hole on the rail/bottom transition, plus about 20 dings and scrapes. Fortunately I also brought the trusty Ghost along. I have a spare fin, made from much stronger heart Kahikatea.

    I'll post the first ride on the Hotkurl later, even though I don't look very confident... it's 12 years since I rode one and the whole short session I think I was trying to ride the 12-9 Makaha. It's interesting to see how the concave and tucked edge directs the spray downwards off the rail rather than upwards as it does with the soft pinched 50/50 on the Dragon or the round 50/50 on the Ghost. Hotkurl felt very loose, she'll be good once I've dialled in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    How far away do you live from that break?
    Get up at 4:30 am far.

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    Science mother****er
    What a doucher.