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    Shorty under a 4/3?

    Hey guys, water has really dropped here in the last couple weeks, registering at 43 now. It's looking like we'll have some solid swell on Thursday and I'm trying to get out. My thickest suit is a 4/3 and I'm not sure if I could even last an hour in that. Today I thought about putting my 2 mil shorty underneath the 4/3. Anyone ever do that? Bad or good idea?

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    I did that a handful of times when I was a kid, worked o.k., might've just been the fact that I was younger. You'll get an hour in in your 4/3, I was out last weekend in my 4/3 got 2 hours in no problem, was kind of a raw day too, lotta wind, 41 degree water temps.

    Could've stayed out longer but my glove is shot too had quite a big hole so I went in early.

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    If you can move effectively i don't see why not, but there is always a trade off the more layers you put on

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    Most important thing is an attached hood and flexability. Gonna be chilly with strong winds on Thursday. But worth itttttt

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    Not since 1978.

    But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do...

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    ' the beaver the Chill Killer.......why not least it should make for a good story

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