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Thread: Free Surfboards

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    Perhaps people are just tired of the hypocrisy that all too often gets jammed down our throats with the proselytizing. And which has been jammed at us for hundreds of years.

    Priests & religious 'leaders' of all kinds butt-bombing boys. Abusing women. Stealing money. Lording over us common folk with that entitlement thing raging unchecked.

    Perhaps many of us are just tired, tired, tired of hearing how someone proclaims that they have the solution to a good life, only to see that someone, time & again, unveiled as merely human with all the foibles, fallacies & foulness of standard-issue homo sapiens.

    You found something that works for you? Really? Then just keep it to yourself.

    Tired of the self-help soul-unrolled deep-dish how-to-fix-your-life recipes from those who've gone off the rails & stumbled back towards the rest of humanity wearing the cloak of self-destructiveness and redemption as if it's carte blanche or worse, their own private EZ Pass to life.

    Religious proselytizing is one of those offenders.

    Who giveth a f***eth what you think. Keep thine noise to thyself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post
    I must say negative outweighed positive here (persecution?). It's all good. If anyone would like to talk on a personal level feel free to PM me. If you have positive thoughts on this mission and you would like us to visit your area please contact us. To find out more follow us on facebook Son Followers Ministry Cocoa Beach.

    Impacting the coast for Jesus

    Wayne, i feel your pain of persecution. As a Pastafarian, i too have had my belief structure challenged in a public forum. like you, i have asked myself why don't people realize i'm here to save them? if they could only think like me and validate my beliefs, then the world would be a better place - i'm sure of it.

    btw,do you have a personal relationship with the Flying Spaghetti Monster? i thought not. you may not know it but you too are touched by His Noodley Appendage. if you would like me to visit your area, just pm me. btw, we are in need of colanders and financial donations.

    Impacting the coast for the FSM


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    Yankee is correct, pride goeth before a fall, there is no one good, and all have sinned.

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    this is why you religious people are the worst. "i want to shove my beliefs on you but you're not allowed to disagree" stay in florida please.

    ps Hanna is my hero

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    If you find some kids, just give them the board yourself.... If you surf, you know kids that could use a new board.

    Quote Originally Posted by GA longboarder View Post
    I don't know what the issue is about a fellow Christian wishing to provide young people who might not be able to afford a surfboard the opportunity to try surfing and at the same time, perhaps lead them to know Christ.
    This organization is welcome to drop by the Brunswick/Jekyll Island area anytime. I'm sure I'll be able to find some kids wanting to surf and learn more about their salvation.

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    Thanks for the thought nynj. I lend several of my boards out on a regular basis. I gave one of my boards to a kid just last year. In the past few years, people who have borrowed my boards have then gone on to purchase their own board from some of our local No. Fla/ So. Ga shapers. To me that's what its all about.
    Have a great day and lets all catch some waves.

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    Most of the people I've met who need to let everyone know they're "christians" or that their cause is "christian" have turned out to be downright nasty-ass egomaniacs. When I see or hear "christian" I turn the other way, regardless of the "cause".

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    Impacting the Coast for Jesus
    Quote Originally Posted by Juliaep View Post
    Most of the people I've met who need to let everyone know they're "christians" or that their cause is "christian" have turned out to be downright nasty-ass egomaniacs. When I see or hear "christian" I turn the other way, regardless of the "cause".
    No ego here. I take no credit. All the glory goes to him. To be honest with you, without HIM we would not be here to talk about this.I am here to spread the TRUTH about Jesus. Genesis 1:1" In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." This is earth correct? Without water on this earth there would be no waves,therefore no surfing and no surf forum. In all without God we are nothing.

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    I feel the same as you.. But I do think people can leave it alone and not "I"ll pass." But when he keeps coming back wit his "impacting the coast for Jesus" suff it gets annoying. It's kind of like he's looking for a reaction.
    Like I've said before, I gi e all my old boarsd away. I just don't need to talk about Jesus when I do.
    And Jesus DID impact the coast. He sent his homegirl Sandy

    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    Its pretty typical - i'm not surprised he's getting the reaction he is. The guy claims to be doing something righteous, spreading the word he strongly believes in and traveling around costs money so donations are welcome. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. People who want no part in it (myself included) can't just leave it alone and say "thats not for me, I'll pass" they have to try and take him down by winning some sort of argument.