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    Welcome to 'Merka. We're the got the most freedoms. freedom to pay more for health care, freedom to get kilt on a busy street my those who "Serve and Protect"(whom?), freedom to pay shiploads of taxes then be expected to do without so those with the most get more. reminds me of a song, with adult lyrics.

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    wow thats fukin insane!!i guess thats why california residents are making shirts and stickers sayin im not dornor.that my friends,is so fukin not cool!

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    they're assuming that those piggies can read

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    This effin Jerk off Dorner is probably watching the news and loving it. He's trying to turn everyone against the cops and they are helping him! What a bunch of idiots

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    I am glad nobody was seriously hurt in these shootings, but on the other hand, I think these officers need more target training. All the shots fired and only one person was hit?? Like I said, I am glad no one was seriously hurt and I am not saying I could have done a better job given the circumstances. I guess this is one time missing your target was a GOOD thing!!

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    I'm not too far from Torrance, and surf there all the time. I'm literally a mile away from there, and thought I had the gunshots that morning when I was surfing.

    It's just been reported that he's exchanged gunfire with authorities after he tied up some couple in the San Bernardino's. One of them escaped, and was able to call the police. Let's hope they save us the time, and just unload on this guy first chance they get. If they were gonna shoot at this guy up at the beach the other day let's hope they take this guy down right on the spot. One less person we have to worry about supporting in the prisons.

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    Where's Tackleberry when you need him? Don't those kooks train with pop up targets that randomly vary in identity from victimizers to victims? It's pretty ironic considering the current gun control movement; these cops are among the people that are out of control. Wtf.

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    Don't worry. All will turn out ok... Rev. Al Sharpton is on the case.

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    ^ Ha!
    Damum! I'm no conspiracy theorist but how does a cabin "catch fire" in a police assault situation... I find it hard to believe that a dude who would take off for his life would just say screw it I gonna die to most painful way possible...

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    When the dust finally settles, and he's caught, it'll be:

    Dorner: 3 kills
    LAPD: 30 kills